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      廠址: 德州市禹城市莒鎮產業園26棟




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      空氣絕緣橋架熱浸鍍鋅的托盤橋架鍍層表面應均勻,無毛刺、過燒、掛灰、傷痕、局部為鍍鋅等缺陷,不得有影響安裝的鋅瘤,螺紋的鍍層應光滑;螺栓連接件應能擰入。噴涂橋架應平整、光滑、均勻、不起皮、無氣泡水泡。橋架焊縫表面均勻,不得有漏焊、裂紋、夾渣、燒穿、弧坑等缺陷。 各類彎通及附件規格,應適合工程布置條件,并與托盤、梯架配套;支吊架規格選擇,應按托盤、梯架規格配置,并應滿足荷載的要求。根據施工圖確定始端到終端位置,沿圖紙標定走向,找好水平、垂直、彎通,用粉線袋或畫線沿橋架走向在墻壁、頂棚、地面、梁、板、柱等處彈線或畫線,并均勻檔距畫出支、吊、托架位置。

      The surface of the hot-dip galvanized tray tray for air insulated cable trays should be uniform, without defects such as burrs, overburning, hanging dust, scratches, and localized galvanizing. There should be no zinc nodules that affect installation, and the coating of the threads should be smooth; The bolted connections should be able to be screwed in. The spray painted bridge should be flat, smooth, even, without peeling or bubbles. The surface of the welding seam on the bridge should be uniform and free of defects such as missed welding, cracks, slag inclusion, burning through, and arc pits. The specifications of various bends and accessories should be suitable for the engineering layout conditions and matched with pallets and ladders; The selection of support and hanger specifications should be based on the specifications of pallets and ladders, and should meet the requirements of the load. According to the construction drawings, determine the starting and ending positions, mark the direction along the drawings, find the horizontal, vertical, and curved sections, use a chalk bag or draw a line along the direction of the bridge, and mark the positions of supports, hangers, and brackets on walls, ceilings, floors, beams, slabs, columns, etc., and evenly span them.



      1. The steel used for the installation of air insulated cable tray supports and hangers should be straight and without significant distortion. The length deviation after cutting should be within 3mm, and there should be no curled edges or burrs at the incision.


      2. The steel bracket and hanger of the air insulated bridge should be welded firmly without significant deformation. Before welding, the bracket and iron parts with a thickness exceeding 4mm should be beveled, and the weld seam should be uniform and flat. The length of the weld seam should meet the requirements, and there should be no defects such as cracks, undercuts, air holes, depressions, and missed welding.


      3. According to the load borne by the bracket, select the corresponding expansion bolts and drill bits for the air insulated bridge frame; The length of the selected drill bit should be greater than the length of the expansion sleeve, and the depth of drilling should be based on the standard of burying the sleeve completely into the wall or top plate, and the surface should be level. The debris inside the drilled hole should be cleaned first, and then the expansion bolt should be hammered into the hole with a wooden hammer. The sleeve should be flush with the surface of the building, and the bolt end should be exposed. The screw thread of the bolt should not be damaged during hammering. After burying the bolts, use nuts with corresponding washers to directly fix the bracket or hanger onto the metal expansion bolts.